The Ponton Collection of Images

Herbert and Selina Rhodes lived at The Post Office, School Lane Maugerhay in the latter part of the 19th and early 20th century.  Herbert died in 1919, aged 98 years and Seiina took over the role of Postmaster until <date>.............  Their daughter Mabel was born in 1897 (?).

Mabel Patty Rhodes (age 29, spinster) was married to John Ponton (age 30 bachelor) by the Rev. George Walker Hall at Norton Church 29 October 1923.

John served in the Royal Flying Corps during WW1, and was a keen sportsman - as the images of him with fotball teams and throwing the javelin suggest.

The images in this collection come from the family albums of The Ponton Family which have been donated to Norton History Group and provide an insight into their family life.