Painted Fabrics Gallery

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“Several firms moved to part of this site”, fronting Little Norton Lane.  One firm was Marston Excelsior Radiators of Edmund Road and ICI may have come from Moore Street.

Railings were erected around the area and it was guarded by a sentry at the entrance, which was near the end where the path goes through to Meadowhead.

The long building nearest and parallel to Little Norton Lane was the Canopy Workshop.  Here Perspex canopies were made for Spitfire fighter planes. These were given a final polish with metal polish.

Bulletproof aeroplane windscreens were made and the horse-shoe shaped frame into which the windscreen fitted.  The frame was made of Alclad – by sandwiching a sheet of Duraluminium between 2 sheets of aluminium.  To soften the frames for shaping it was placed in baths of a heated sodium salt and then beaten out.

Other products produced were oil coolers and undercarriage leg fairing – which are the covers which fold in to the underside of a plane when the wheels are retracted.”

Text in this format is from "Norton in Wartime" NHG pub 1995.